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Club Demonstration

Just another quick reminder about the Demonstration we are holding this coming Saturday.

The doors will be open 6:00pm and we are hoping to start the demonstration itself at 6.30pm.

Can parents please ensure that your child wears their Gi suit(if they own one) or their Tetsudo T-Shirt and black bottoms when they come to the venue.

To make this event a success we need everyone’s support, so please bring as many friends and family members along and a little something to eat & drink (Sandwiches/Snacks/etc)


While we are aware that you might want to videos or take pictures of your own child (We all want to showcase how great our children are), but because there will be other children and adults included we please ask that you refrain from sharing them on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)


All Saints Church Hall, Tamworth Road, Sawley at 6:00pm

Saturday 6th May

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