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As part of the Tetsudo family we hope that Students and Parents feel they can approach us anytime to make suggestions on how we can improve or adapt our teaching techniques.  However, we think it’s important that we provide you with an opportunity to give us written feedback.  This will help us to reflect on the quality of the classes, evaluate and make changes if necessary.  Here are some of the feedback we have received from Parents


​“Fantastic place, very positive influence on Beth.  She loves it already!”



“Tetsudo provides George an excellent opportunity to take part in physical exercise which he enjoys.  

He has shown disclipline and determination in continuing to attend and the fact that he looks 

forward to attending speaks volumes about what he gets out of doing Tetsudo, and also about the 

Instructors at the dojo.  He has never ended training feeling this his efforts have not been recognised 

and I know that the rewards and encouragement offered by the Instructors have contributed to his 

confidence and self-belief both in and out of Tetsudo.  Keep doing what you’re doing, thank you”




“I am very happy with all the training sessions that Flynt attends.  Each session is very organised and

taught in a controlled manner.  A nice mixture of learning and fun.”



“The atmosphere is very good at the club, new members are treated the same as those training for a 

longer time.  The trainers help new children, have very good contact with all of them, parents as 

well.  The children know when it is time for play and when they should focus and practice  - which is 

very good in my opinion.”



“Rosie’s confidence and self-belief have really grown as a consequence of the positive and 

encouraging attitude of the Instructors.  Thank you.”



“Millie thoroughly enjoys Tetsudo.  I feel that Long Eaton Tetsudo has the right balance of quality

teaching, behaviour management and enjoyment.  Millie often comments on the progress she is 

making and always looks forward to coming on a Thursday evening.”




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