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The word KEDH means 'to play, to perform'. In the Art of TETSUDO the KEDH's are set pieces of 'imaginative conflict theatre' in which the artist immerses himself/herself to experience the full array of the physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions of a 'conflict situation'.


At a physical level the Kedhs facilitate the practice of the basic techniques. At an emotional level the Kedhs enable the artist to experience the biological and emotional changes that occur in the Body when faced with a conflict situation and at the intellectual level the Kedhs condition the Body to react and respond to events in a clinical and objective manner.


TETSUDO Kedhs are divided into categories of three's:

  • The First 3 Kedhs : SHAMAAN (Fire Storm), CHAKARAN (Circle of Nature) and SHERE' VAR (The Lion at Play) are the Basic Kedh's that enable the full practice of the basic techniques. Through practice of these Kedh's the fundamental techniques are defined and refined, the Body is taught to contract and relax via vigorous, passive and dynamic tension movements coupled with proper breathing techniques. These Kedh's enable the Body to become strong and supple.

  • The Second 3 Kedh's : NAAG BAZI (The Play of the Cobra), SHISHAN (Mirror Form) and GAT-KAN (The Energy Within). These Kedh's embody the vital physical, emotional and intellectual principles of 'Conflict Resolution' i.e. Self-Defence, incorporating the survival mind-set, dealing with 'conflict trauma' and the physical strategies for grappling, throwing and close-quarter strikes.

  • The Third 3 Kedh's : AKAASH (Salutation to the Heavens), SAT-RANG (The Seven Emotional Colours of the Mind) and SENA-DASSI (The Martial Mind). These Kedh's are the Philosophical Kedh's and symbolically embody i.e the movements are physical metaphors of philosophical ideas and concepts.

  • The Fourth 3 Kedh's : This is a miscellaneous body of Kedh's and each Kedh has a specific purpose. KEDH DARBAAN (The Cosmic Arena). This is the Competition Kedh. Kedh JANG (Kedh of Combat). This is the 'battle kedh' in which many self-defence applications. Kedh SHAANTI (Harmony of Mind and Body). This is the Maha (Supreme) Kedh. It embodies the unification of Mind and Body.

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