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On Sunday 13th November the Tetsudo Association will be holding it's

Annual National Competition


UNDER 16's Kedh:

White to Green Tag - Kedh Shaman

Green - Kedh Chakaran

UNDER 16's Freestyle:

Pairs Compromise


White/Yellow - Kedh Shaman

Green - Kedh Chakaran

Blue - Kedh Shere Var

Purple/Brown/Senior - Kedh Shishaan

ADULTS Freestyle:

Pairs Compromise - White to Green

Fusion - Blue to Senior Brown

Competitive - Blue to Senior Brown

Team - Blue to Senior Brown

Registration: 09:00 until 09:30

Competition: 09:30 start and will finish at 17:00

Entry Cost: Adult £10, Child £5 (under 16)

If you are interested can I get confirmation and monies from you as soon as possible as we need to have names/fee's submitted before the week ending October 7th.

Details about the Competition

At the venue there are changing rooms and a café area, and also vending machines for hot and cold drinks.

As the centre will be very busy we recommend bringing a packed lunch and snacks to eat in the hall as the day progresses.

Doors open for Registration at 9.00. It is very important to be on time, as the day cannot start until everyone is registered, changed and a formal bow is taken.

The whole day will be finished by, including presentation of awards and prizes.

Most of the young children’s events will be over by early afternoon.

All grades are taking part including Blackbelts

Children will compete separately to adults

It is a busy day, often there are several events happening at the same time. Inevitably there will be some waiting around while all the different grades compete.

There will be up to three rounds of each event. All participants take part in the first round, then later a few go through to the second round and/or finals.

All competitors need to bring a comfortable top to wear over their uniform to keep warm. (Young children may wish to bring something to read or play with quietly?)

It is important to keep aware of when you will compete and in which arena. This information is given to you on the entry slip(s), which you will get at registration first thing.

There is a different slip for each category entered. In each arena there will be two judges and an arena manager who organises where people should stand and records the results.

Mostly the “count” or instruction to begin is given over a loud speaker for everyone at the same time, but when different events are running together the arena mangers will count.

If you are hard of hearing please let the registration team know when you arrive so that the arena managers for your events can take this into account and help you with hand signals.

The association will film/photograph some of the events and the presentations. The large numbers of people taking part make it difficult to seek individual permissions.

The association is working on this issue. In the meantime permission for the association to film/photograph is taken as granted in the process of registration.

Everyone else is requested not to take pictures, and especially not to use flash as this can be distracting to the participants.

Spectators Welcome. (Admission is Free!) The more the merrier!

Competitors need your support, your encouragement to cheer them on and your applause!!!


Long Eaton Tetsudo Club


Loughborough Leisure Centre

Loughborough Leisure Centre, Browns Lane, Loughborough LE11 3HE, United Kingdom


Sunday 13th November 2016

Registration: 09:00 until 09:30

Competition: 09:30 start and will finish at 17:00

Entry Cost: Adult £10, Child £5 (under 16)

Long Eaton Tetsudo Club

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