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Grading Success

Back Row: George Smith, Don Smith, Harry Smith, Lewis Simmons, Jack Stewart, George Munks. Front Row: Faye Stewart, Theo Trelenberg

Grading Success for the Long Eaton Tetsudo Club 12 students from the Long Eaton Tetsudo Club took part in the associations first grading of the year (for six of them it would be their first experience of such an event) As can be seen with their smiles and their new belts/tags, all were successful in their grading attempt. Their success was down to many months and in some cases years of hard work, focus and dedication. Childrens Grading:

Beth Newman = Yellow Tag

Lewis Simmons = Yellow Tag

Theo Trelenberg = Yellow Tag

Jack Stewart = Yellow Tag

Faye Stewart = Yellow Tag

Elia Borgi = Yellow Tag

Don Smith = Green Tag

George Munks = Green Tag

Flynt Adcock = Green Tag

George Smith = Green Belt

Harry Smith = Green Belt

Adults Grading:

Rachel Wilson = Blue Belt

Congratulations to Rachel, on her fantastic achievement!

Rachel Wilson

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