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New Wooden Floor Soon!

We have now taken delivery (courtesy of Nigel Glennister) of 40 packs of wooden flooring at the Martial Art Centre, we have yet to set a date for when this will be installed but we are hoping very soon as the cold weather is starting to close in. A big thank you goes to each and everyone of you who have helped to contribute towards our fund raising goal of replacing the floor. Lots of sponsored events (Walks, BBQ's) have been held over the last few years and kind donations from various groups (ASDA, Long Eaton Round Table) have enabled us to purchase the wood. We also received a kind donation of the underlay from Westerman Homes (thanks to Nigel Glennister).

Now we just need to set a weekend date to transform the floor from the stark grey cold lino to a nice warm wooden floor.....

Stay Tuned!

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