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New Training Fee Structure

Dear Student/ Parent,

We understand that times are hard and money is tight for many of us, but as Instructors we want to encourage as many of you as possible to train more than once a week, because realistically one session per week is not enough (unless you are consistently engaging in your own personal training throughout the week), we know how challenging this is. To make steady and consistent progress in our training, our mind and body ideally needs a minimum of two sessions per week.

With this in mind we are restructuring the payments for training. By changing the way you pay to a monthly Standing Order you will be able to reduce the cost of training twice a week. We also recognise that commitment to attending training every week will improve if students have paid in advance! Improved attendance will also help the club funds and enable us to raise the rest of the money for the floor replacement and other improvements. However, if you prefer to Pay As You Train you can continue to do so, please refer to the fee structure below.

The new fee structure will be introduced from 1st January 2015, but you will be able to take advantage of the discounted price using the monthly standing order from 1st October 2015 if you so wish (Please confirm if you are intending to).

The new training fees for ADULTS will be:

One session per week (monthly standing order - £20).............£5.00 per session

Two session per week (monthly standing order - £32).............£4.00 per session

As existing members you still can Pay As You Train............ .£6.00per session

(Price based on 48 weeks per calendar year)

The new training fees for CHILDREN will be:

One session per week (monthly standing order - £16).............£4.00 per session

Two session per week (monthly standing order - £24).............£3.00 per session

As a current members you may still Pay As You Train...........£5.00per session

(Price based on 48 weeks per calendar year)

Any concessions (Senior/Student) would need to be agreed by Nigel Law in advance.

Attached is a Standing Order Mandate with LETC bank details already embedded into the pdf file, if you wish to use this form, fill in your details, select the appropriate standing order charge, then take this along to your bank/building society and they will setup the Standing Order for you.

Alternatively if you use Online Banking, you can create a Standing Order online using the details supplied in the PDF document.

As a club member we always value your feedback, so if you have any comments, questions or queries please feel free to contact Paul or Nigel.

Kind Regards.

Ustad Nigel Law: 07932010331 -

Ustad Paul Gascoyne: 07590400266 -

P.S. We have chosen a Standing Order due to the fact it allows the Student/Parent to be in control of the payments at all times as opposed to a Direct Debit.

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